Unadulterated Sex Kittens

...because every now and then writers just like to porn it up! ♥

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Welcome to Hot Scribbles! ♥

This community was created for the sole purpose of RPing smut and pr0ning it up with other authors and artists who need inspiration of the sexual variety. Membership is currently moderated but feel free to try and join anyway! Although if we have no clue who you are and haven't talked to you before hand, then you most likely won't be accepted. If you desperately feel the need to join, e-mail us and we'll think about it! xD

This community is of the NC17 persuasion and therefore no one under the age of eighteen will be able to join and all smut-type entries will be friends locked.

LONG LIVE PORN! ...and bondage! x3 Now lets have some fun!