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Despite the gidgy feeling this damn little feline was rubbing into him, he couldn't help but find himself pleased with the character's tone of voice. It was...appropriate. Easy to listen to in a bunch of different ways that turned his unsettled feeling into something that could only be described as good...as opposed to bad. Bad gidgy would have left him tossing both boys back out into the mass of thrashing bodies above.

Lucky for the both of them, this wasnt in the plans. And plans were just beginning to brew as Volk continued to pour over the entertaining little creatures across the bar. He let his heavy hands settled atop the counter, stretching his fingers pleasantly against the wood paneling in thought(one of the few things this place had going for it was the design- wood did a certain wonderful something to the atmosphere. Where it could have been claustrophobic it turned out to be somewhat cozy). There was an obvious pause in his rough'n'tumble attitude towards the two boys. Any irritation was led to simmer and melt away while he weighed his options(and enjoyed the show)... It would be easy to brush the two off- he was no regular here- this place was new venue for his boss, so Akira, an old hand though she was couldn't say much for him passing off anyone- even if they did refer to her by name..
The place had once been famed for its 'side-effect free' candy. People looking for an easy rush flocked here. And then The Man had himself had his other right hand men scout the place out. It was perfect for selling stock. Most of the regulars were stragglers for the real stuff, desperate for a fix. And thus Volk came in to play. Except lately there had been a serious lack of play- work with Akira was pretty much less than pleasant for him (the woman was ornery, and at times a completely spoiled bitch). Everything about the work in this tiny little closed up space (the back room wasn't much larger, and full of crates of wares) left Volk itching for something he couldn't quite put his finger on... A little release maybe, was in order.

He let the mammal's last words roll around in his head, almost enjoying the echo. He sifted through the emphasis, through the hopeful look that younger boy was shooting him (and what a pus that turned to be, too. He empathized with that much more than the last two kids). Something with a little more fire, hmmn? The subtleties-and not so subtleties- of the situation intrigued him, piqued his interest more-
Indeed, here there be opportunity. Double the amount required, even.

With this in mind, Volk felt rather pleased with himself- quite suddenly the boys across the table had something shiny and new that garnered his attention and amusement. He leaned across the bar, his eyes fixated on the boy with the violet hair- but quite aware of how the two seemed to be showing off their new little infatuation for each other 'And here I thought I was bad off...hah.' If it irked him at all, he wasn't letting on. but something flashed, lit up in the blue eyes that were practically shadowed by a heavy headband and mop of hair,

"You want it- but you'll be dead in seconds if you're jumping up from that piss-poor stuff Akira feeds the boys down here-- however.." he slipped one of his hands from the counter and behind it, rumbling softly as the new proximity allowed for such quiet words and intimate stares,

"I'm interested. You're interested. So we could make things interesting.. If you want to play a game of rules."
His hand shifted back out into view, two minuscule viles between thick fingers being handled carefully, as if the things were more than just fragile and expensive.Unlike his job, they were irreplaceable and if he didn't handle them- and this situation- with care, well he might as well get ready for a shitty ride.... he cast another thoughtful glance at he two- who were much closer and looking much more...edible, by now- as some hunger, even curiosity trickled into his stare. It would probably be worth it, throwing his lot on board with this foolish little idea. Just to see how far he could maul the things. boys. food. ...customers? Something deliciously in between. It was like killing two birds with one stone.. And who was he to deny-and enjoy- a plentiful hunt?


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