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Volk snaped out another rounded comment at the two kids harassing him at the bar before pointing them on their merry way. Fucking kids these days...

"Get your whiney maw outta my face- Akira's not here tonight to coddle you, and you're not on the list. Terrible sad story I know. G'wan, then. And smarten up, or I'll tell her what rude little shits you are".

He watched the two boys skulk off to their corner with a firm nod- he wasn't particularly in the mood to deal with brats tonight, and while he empathized with their situation (a night without the candy is not really a night at all) they hadn't exactly played their cards very well. Kids will be Kids. but They'll learn, too, he though, sluffing some of the sheen of sweat off his cheek.
It was just a smidgen too stifling down here for Volk. After some odd hours on the dance floor, this area of the club probably felt Seventy degrees cooler- but he, not interested in the dance scene and more interested in selling the latest of his wares, found it not so pleasant. If it was 30 degrees in here for the average person, add to that another 6 and a quarter, for the piles of locks atop his head were definitely not made of air. He grunted to himself absently and poured himself another generous drink- Working the bar here had its privies- thankfully alcohol was one of them- Volk was not new to the vices of drink- In fact, he wasn't new to vices of any sort, and had to admit he was hankering for a couple of them this evening.
Damn this time of year was utterly frustrating, he sighed into his drink, downing the last of it before rolling up the sleeves on his dress shirt- screw protocol, its fucking blasted hot in here and he wasn't done for another hour, yet. The night was still relatively young, and he, not particularly found of this dungeon, had called in an underling to finish off sales for the night. 'Its just a bunch of kids, anyways', he rumbled to himself while stowing away several cleaned glasses. You cant sell this shit to kids- not the new stuff, anyways. That would be amoral, or some shit.


He snorted mentally at that last thought, trying to conjour up an image of his current bosses being opposed to amoral things such as this. Not likely. The thought sifted away rather quickly as the entrance to this under-hell opened its maw once more, spitting out another two victims. potentials, Volk. these were potential customers. play nice. He swallowed his bitterness to replace to look with something a little less grumpy and a little more apathetic as he turned, wiping his hands on the stupid-ass apron he had on. Looking professional was a pain in the fucking ass. This whole new deal was a pain in the fucking ass..... But his eyes wouldn't lie when he caught sight of the new entrees-
he was, for all extensive purposes- thoroughly fascinated.

At first glance they seemed to make a rather odd pair- The dark hair boy brandishing an attitude that was clearly full of sauce- among other things. Volk felt his ears perk slightly at the notion of interacting with such a character. Hmmm. there were possibilities to be had, there. possible good/ possible bad. Still up for debate, he mused. His face, however, remained impassive as ever, watching the two boys as they saunter/strolled their way up to the bar... Up to him, ever so boldly. He let his eyes continue to survey the two of them; there were polar opposites and striking similarities between the two youths, and Volk found this mildly intriguing, if not more. After all, they were together.

He'd spent most of his observations on the feline one. He reeked of pheromones- and not entirely in a bad way. The boy also had no shame in showing it off- to everyone-- something beyond Volk's comprehension, but he wouldn't complain. The kid was no eyesore, swaggering up to the bar with a figure that surely knew its way around in a dark bed. He looked sturdy, feisty-
'Definitely mammal.'
His cheery, breathless looking companion was a another case in and of its own- with his bright illustrated t-shirt and accessories- the boy looked to be no more than a pup. Except he didn't stink like a mammal- but the presence was difficult to place- something he'd never had the pleasure of encountering before until very recently- on a street, with a hunk of past its prime metal. He didn't know the answer to the query of what, but he wasn't about to go spouting off questions just yet.

Soooo he satisfied himself by taking in pup-boy not for the first time- gracing the boy with a casual nod of familiarity, quiet recognition in his eyes as they landed at the bar before him- he noted almost lazily the mammal's enthusiasm for the situation, listening to the sound of his voice but not quite pulling away from his scrutiny of the youngest until afore mentioned mammal brought up Akira's name. Hmmn- a regular, eh? People did not spout that woman's name lightly- there were repercussions. He shifted casually behind the bar, watching the scene before him and taking in the sounds with a placid expression on his face. The flattery was bold- slightly obnoxious, but he figured typical of this character. His eyes narrowed slightly as the older boy nudged his face against the younger's hair- something about the act seemed to Provoke him, watching the mammal's eyes in a calculating, mildly excited sort of way. The potential of the situation incensed him.... enough to smooth out the electricity in the air with soft, rolling words of reply,

"Shes out- You'll have to take what you can get from me..." his hand shifted atop the counter, more or less looming over the two boy with his casual stare. Time to cut the crap, "--and you'll be happy to know I don't roll over quite so easy as the woman. What're you in for, mammal."

It wasnt really a question- He had an inkling. Several, in fact. Volk wasn't ready to waste words on two strangers- interesting though they were... but his gaze lingered occasionally on the spunky-looking youngster. Mildly captivating- might have just been the bright colours. or the age. He had to admit he had a thing for the younger ones... and if nothing else, the boy had the benefit of being a familiar, if even slightly..... He attention shifted fully to the breathy, dance-weary figure, demeanor shifting into something slightly more ....focused? Pleasant, perhaps? ...sociable. That might be the word,

" And what're you in for..after that pack of yours again? Or..... maybe just a pleasure run."


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