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“Well Julian, you better keep your word ‘cause as you can see, I’m not going anywhere.” Had his ears deceived him or had he heard that right. Even though he knew he hadn’t misheard anything; his ears were in perfect working condition despite the loud pounding music, he couldn’t help but be a bit skeptical. He was about to inform the boy that if he didn’t run now he’d most likely be unable to walk in the morning when he turned around and Julian found out that the other wanted it as much as he did. He bit his lip to keep from groaning as the half expertly ground their erections together.

A feral grin spread over his face like wild-fire. He was right about this incredible smelling half – he could handle anything he threw at him. Julian decided to stop thinking with his head, if the boy wanted to run, he’d have done it already and considering the hot hardness he could feel searing through his jean shorts the other wasn’t going to stop yet.

Julian looked down at the half in his arms and watched with amusement as a grin very much like his own grew on the boys face. “Unless you know of somewhere more…fun, where we could go…?” He licked his lips. This boy had to be his walking wet dream and did he ever want to rip all their clothes off and fuck him hard against the wall. That however wasn’t the greatest of ideas since he frequented Automatix enough that he’d regret getting banned and would mourn the loss of his favorite dance scene. He decided that a trip to the lounge would be a better idea; his apartment was a mess and it was against his policy to bring someone home for the first fuck. The boy’s next words pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Oh, and the name’s Noah! But I promise you, that later? You’ll be having trouble remembering your own name.” Julian felt a growl crawl it’s way up his throat. He thanked every god and higher being that he could think of that he’d chosen to follow his nose tonight. He slid a hand around Noah’s neck and crushed their mouths together. His mouth opened up under his and Julian plunged his tongue into the wet cavern. Noah tasted as good as he smelled. Their tongues tangled together and Julian was enveloped in the seductive scent that wafted from the lithe half in his arms. He slid impatient hands down the boy’s back to grip his ass and pull him closer. It had been too long since he’d last held someone like this.

Julian pulled his mouth away and nipped at Noah’s lower lip. “Oh I might know somewhere fun we can go...” He paused to lick his lips. “And they happen to supply us with treats if we know how to work the dealer right.” Tonight was Akira’s shift in the Lounge and he knew that she’d been talking about getting a shipment of the new variation of fire candy that he wanted to try. A drug that increased sexual pleasure was worth trying, no matter how high the risk. He leaned down and licked at Noah’s earlobe, he’d noticed earlier how much he’d reacted to it and he liked watching the boy squirm. “Follow me.”

He slipped a hand around Noah’s waist and began leading the other in a grinding, twisting dance towards the door by the back wall of the club. The gyrating bodies around them forced the two closer together and Julian felt the boy arch against his thigh. He growled again and gripped the boy’s hips hard enough to bruise. He could definitely get used to having this delicious amphibian around for a good dance. But right now Julian’s train of thought was centered more on fucking Noah in as many positions as possible before the sun came up rather than dancing; even if what they were doing could be considered dancing. If the looks they were getting were anything to go by, he suspected that they had reached a whole new level of obscene. Julian grinned; they had reached the door and he spun Noah around and pinned him to it before kissing him breathless again. He liked the feel of Noah against him and having his tongue in his mouth was an added bonus. He let go of the boy’s wrists and reached for the doorknob. They tumbled inside and after one last nibble on the others lower lip he pulled away to close the door behind them. He felt his ears adjust to the new found quite. He slid one of his hands down Noah’s arm and laced their fingers together.

They made their way quickly down the stairs to the Automatix lounge. Julian opened the door and after scanning the area was surprised to find that his favorite woman was nowhere in sight. He was puzzled, tonight was usually Akira’s shift to monitor the lounge and dish out the drugs. Although his train of thought came to a stumbling halt when he spotted the half standing behind the counter. The grip he had on Noah’s hand tightened and his eyes widened a fraction. There was a sex-god standing where Akira should have been and he felt all his nerves stand on end when his eye’s met the piercing blue ones staring into him from under the mountain of dreads and dark skin. Julian gulped. If he’d never seen a predator in his life he was seeing one now; he took a deep breath through his nose and oh god. If he’d thought Noah smelt good then this half smelt just as good. A canine. And Julian was willing to bet his favorite pair of skates that this one was a half or quarter wolf.

He felt a sexy smirk work its way onto his face. This was a new development; he hadn’t expected to actually have to work for any of the drugs he wanted. He watched as blue-eyes glanced at Noah as if seizing him up and then his gaze slid back to him. Looks like it was show time. Julian gave Noah’s hand a gentle tug and sauntered his way over to the counter; he added an extra swing to his hips just for show. Now he just hoped that the stunning half about to sell him drugs was sexually inclined.

Julian leaned over the counter, while running his thumb over Noah’s. His eyes met the dealer’s directly; he wasn’t about to show the other how anxious he was – so he showed more of his teeth instead. “Hey there.” He was a bit shocked at how breathy his voice sounded, he’d have to fix that later; he shouldn’t have been this affected by just kissing. He blamed it on not having sex regularly. “I haven’t seen you around before. Where’s Akira? It should be her shift tonight.” He let his eye’s slide down the toned upper body that wasn’t hidden by the counter. “Not that I’m complaining though. You’re much easier on the eyes.” He leered and pulled Noah against him; nuzzling his face into his hair. His eye’s never left the blue ones now sizing him up. It was the dealers move.


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