I like the sound of your hand slapping, your whip cracking; this could be paaainful! - Julian

Julian couldn’t help but let out a deep rumbling growl as he felt Noah grind his ass back against his aching cock. His eyes still locked on piercing blue - he let a smirk slide onto his face. So Mr. Wolf thought he was playing the safe game, well that was interesting. Julian made a mental note to prove him wrong later in the evening, and licked his lips. Things were going a lot smoother than he expected them to and he couldn’t wait to feel naked skin against skin.

His smirk turned into a lazy smile when he heard Noah’s positive reply and watched as the dealer behind the counter placed two small vials on the table top. Looks like Akira wasn’t pulling his chain when she’d said she got a shipment in. Julian nuzzled his cheek into Noah’s sweet smelling hair and grinned.

"I’m game... although I’ve never been too good with rules." Julian winked for the dealers benefit and let one of his hands trail down Noah’s tight stomach to slip under the waistband of his jeans. He wondered if his teasing would have any apparent effect on the older half. While he could read Noah like an open book and know immediately what he liked and wanted he couldn’t say the same about the blue-eyed sex god. He was much harder to read and his hot musky sent was overpowering – combined with Noah’s salty-sweet smell, Julian’s brain was about to short circuit.

Julian felt a smirk play across his lips. "D’you got a name to go with those blue eyes of yours, Mr. Wolf?" He was dying to know the name of this new dealer, and silently wondered as he cupped Noah’s hard length through his underwear, if the sex-gods name was as sexy as his body. He leaned forward, crushing Noah against the counter, his eyes twinkling mischievously into a pair of blue ones.
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Something's come to Rock me~ Volk gets his paws dirty

Despite the gidgy feeling this damn little feline was rubbing into him, he couldn't help but find himself pleased with the character's tone of voice. It was...appropriate. Easy to listen to in a bunch of different ways that turned his unsettled feeling into something that could only be described as opposed to bad. Bad gidgy would have left him tossing both boys back out into the mass of thrashing bodies above.

Lucky for the both of them, this wasnt in the plans. And plans were just beginning to brew as Volk continued to pour over the entertaining little creatures across the bar. He let his heavy hands settled atop the counter, stretching his fingers pleasantly against the wood paneling in thought(one of the few things this place had going for it was the design- wood did a certain wonderful something to the atmosphere. Where it could have been claustrophobic it turned out to be somewhat cozy). There was an obvious pause in his rough'n'tumble attitude towards the two boys. Any irritation was led to simmer and melt away while he weighed his options(and enjoyed the show)... It would be easy to brush the two off- he was no regular here- this place was new venue for his boss, so Akira, an old hand though she was couldn't say much for him passing off anyone- even if they did refer to her by name..
The place had once been famed for its 'side-effect free' candy. People looking for an easy rush flocked here. And then The Man had himself had his other right hand men scout the place out. It was perfect for selling stock. Most of the regulars were stragglers for the real stuff, desperate for a fix. And thus Volk came in to play. Except lately there had been a serious lack of play- work with Akira was pretty much less than pleasant for him (the woman was ornery, and at times a completely spoiled bitch). Everything about the work in this tiny little closed up space (the back room wasn't much larger, and full of crates of wares) left Volk itching for something he couldn't quite put his finger on... A little release maybe, was in order.

He let the mammal's last words roll around in his head, almost enjoying the echo. He sifted through the emphasis, through the hopeful look that younger boy was shooting him (and what a pus that turned to be, too. He empathized with that much more than the last two kids). Something with a little more fire, hmmn? The subtleties-and not so subtleties- of the situation intrigued him, piqued his interest more-
Indeed, here there be opportunity. Double the amount required, even.

With this in mind, Volk felt rather pleased with himself- quite suddenly the boys across the table had something shiny and new that garnered his attention and amusement. He leaned across the bar, his eyes fixated on the boy with the violet hair- but quite aware of how the two seemed to be showing off their new little infatuation for each other 'And here I thought I was bad off...hah.' If it irked him at all, he wasn't letting on. but something flashed, lit up in the blue eyes that were practically shadowed by a heavy headband and mop of hair,

"You want it- but you'll be dead in seconds if you're jumping up from that piss-poor stuff Akira feeds the boys down here-- however.." he slipped one of his hands from the counter and behind it, rumbling softly as the new proximity allowed for such quiet words and intimate stares,

"I'm interested. You're interested. So we could make things interesting.. If you want to play a game of rules."
His hand shifted back out into view, two minuscule viles between thick fingers being handled carefully, as if the things were more than just fragile and expensive.Unlike his job, they were irreplaceable and if he didn't handle them- and this situation- with care, well he might as well get ready for a shitty ride.... he cast another thoughtful glance at he two- who were much closer and looking much more...edible, by now- as some hunger, even curiosity trickled into his stare. It would probably be worth it, throwing his lot on board with this foolish little idea. Just to see how far he could maul the things. boys. food. ...customers? Something deliciously in between. It was like killing two birds with one stone.. And who was he to deny-and enjoy- a plentiful hunt?
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You spin me right 'round, baby, right 'round like a record - Julian

Julian felt his leer turn into a grin at the dealers cold reply, it looked like skin and flattery weren’t going to help him win this one. He always knew he’d hit a brick wall eventually he just didn’t think it’d be this soon. Not many people denied him when he wanted some treats but he knew Akira’s favoritism might have had something to do with that. After all, not every drug dealer had a personal guinea pig at their disposal; especially one so eager to try out the new not-yet-on-the-market drugs no matter how high the risk.

He watched the interaction between Noah and Mr. Blue-Eyes. It looked like they had met before, if their dialogue was anything to go by, and considering the lack of name-usage they were merely acquaintances. But, he silently wondered, were they the kind of acquaintances who had sex with each other or the kind that nodded at each other on the street. Julian was intrigued. Clearly there was more to his little amphibian than he first thought if he was getting it on with the wild thing behind the counter.

He thought back on what the sexy dealer had called him. Mammal, hmm. Well that was very true, he was indeed a mammal of sorts but it made him feel a bit odd. What did the dealer have against mammals? He was a canine, therefore mammal, so he couldn’t have meant it in a bad way. He hadn’t said it in an insulting tone; it seemed more of an observation than anything else. If Mr. Dealer was able to figure out that much then that must mean he had a good nose. Julian smirked. He was aware of the fact that he was leaking pheromones, he honestly couldn’t help it when he was horny, so if the others nose was as sensitive as his own then it was probably aching by now.

Julian slid behind Noah when he’d leaned forward and propped his elbows on the tabletop; he couldn’t stop touching the boy. He wrapped his arms around Noah’s waist; sliding calloused hands up and under his t-shirt while grinding his erection into that pert rear; his for the taking. He couldn’t help himself, the boy smelled too good and combine that with the intense looks he was getting from the dark skinned beast behind the counter, Julian’s cock was twice as hard as it had been when he’d first come downstairs. He gave the dealer his best bedroom-eyes and sexy grin while he slid a hand farther up Noah’s chest to pinch a nipple.

“We’re not here for the usual run of Fire Candy, if that’s what you’re wondering.” He nuzzled his face into Noah’s neck and licked a trail up to the boys earlobe, not once taking his eye’s off the bright blue ones boring into his. “We’re looking for something with a little more fiiire.” Any dealer with half a brain would know what drug he was talking about and since this one seemed to be more observant than most, Julian didn’t have to worry about being direct. Fire Ecstasy hadn’t reached the public market yet because its risks were too high for the average user. It increased sexual pleasure and was rumored to increase sensory perception. Julian had been trying to get his hands on some, months before Akira had mentioned that she’d gotten in a shipment and that he should come down and try some for her. Naturally, as his luck would have it, Akira was out and sexy blue-eyes was in her place. Julian couldn’t complain; he’d try his damnedest to get the drugs and if he didn’t succeed, well, that meant he was losing his touch.

He nuzzled his nose into the sensitive spot behind Noah’s ear and nibbled; loving the way the boy squirmed against him when he did that. He watched the dealers face carefully for any reaction concerning the drugs and quietly murmured approving noises into Noah ear. This was going to be a brilliant night, drugs or no drugs and he couldn’t wait to rip Noah’s clothes off. His eye’s trailed down the canines body – taking in the muscled arms and apron. Now that he thought about it, he really wouldn’t mind getting Mr. Big Bad Wolf out of his clothes either.
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In Which Volk Expresses his Boredom- And Potential Salvation

Volk snaped out another rounded comment at the two kids harassing him at the bar before pointing them on their merry way. Fucking kids these days...

"Get your whiney maw outta my face- Akira's not here tonight to coddle you, and you're not on the list. Terrible sad story I know. G'wan, then. And smarten up, or I'll tell her what rude little shits you are".

He watched the two boys skulk off to their corner with a firm nod- he wasn't particularly in the mood to deal with brats tonight, and while he empathized with their situation (a night without the candy is not really a night at all) they hadn't exactly played their cards very well. Kids will be Kids. but They'll learn, too, he though, sluffing some of the sheen of sweat off his cheek.
It was just a smidgen too stifling down here for Volk. After some odd hours on the dance floor, this area of the club probably felt Seventy degrees cooler- but he, not interested in the dance scene and more interested in selling the latest of his wares, found it not so pleasant. If it was 30 degrees in here for the average person, add to that another 6 and a quarter, for the piles of locks atop his head were definitely not made of air. He grunted to himself absently and poured himself another generous drink- Working the bar here had its privies- thankfully alcohol was one of them- Volk was not new to the vices of drink- In fact, he wasn't new to vices of any sort, and had to admit he was hankering for a couple of them this evening.
Damn this time of year was utterly frustrating, he sighed into his drink, downing the last of it before rolling up the sleeves on his dress shirt- screw protocol, its fucking blasted hot in here and he wasn't done for another hour, yet. The night was still relatively young, and he, not particularly found of this dungeon, had called in an underling to finish off sales for the night. 'Its just a bunch of kids, anyways', he rumbled to himself while stowing away several cleaned glasses. You cant sell this shit to kids- not the new stuff, anyways. That would be amoral, or some shit.


He snorted mentally at that last thought, trying to conjour up an image of his current bosses being opposed to amoral things such as this. Not likely. The thought sifted away rather quickly as the entrance to this under-hell opened its maw once more, spitting out another two victims. potentials, Volk. these were potential customers. play nice. He swallowed his bitterness to replace to look with something a little less grumpy and a little more apathetic as he turned, wiping his hands on the stupid-ass apron he had on. Looking professional was a pain in the fucking ass. This whole new deal was a pain in the fucking ass..... But his eyes wouldn't lie when he caught sight of the new entrees-
he was, for all extensive purposes- thoroughly fascinated.

At first glance they seemed to make a rather odd pair- The dark hair boy brandishing an attitude that was clearly full of sauce- among other things. Volk felt his ears perk slightly at the notion of interacting with such a character. Hmmm. there were possibilities to be had, there. possible good/ possible bad. Still up for debate, he mused. His face, however, remained impassive as ever, watching the two boys as they saunter/strolled their way up to the bar... Up to him, ever so boldly. He let his eyes continue to survey the two of them; there were polar opposites and striking similarities between the two youths, and Volk found this mildly intriguing, if not more. After all, they were together.

He'd spent most of his observations on the feline one. He reeked of pheromones- and not entirely in a bad way. The boy also had no shame in showing it off- to everyone-- something beyond Volk's comprehension, but he wouldn't complain. The kid was no eyesore, swaggering up to the bar with a figure that surely knew its way around in a dark bed. He looked sturdy, feisty-
'Definitely mammal.'
His cheery, breathless looking companion was a another case in and of its own- with his bright illustrated t-shirt and accessories- the boy looked to be no more than a pup. Except he didn't stink like a mammal- but the presence was difficult to place- something he'd never had the pleasure of encountering before until very recently- on a street, with a hunk of past its prime metal. He didn't know the answer to the query of what, but he wasn't about to go spouting off questions just yet.

Soooo he satisfied himself by taking in pup-boy not for the first time- gracing the boy with a casual nod of familiarity, quiet recognition in his eyes as they landed at the bar before him- he noted almost lazily the mammal's enthusiasm for the situation, listening to the sound of his voice but not quite pulling away from his scrutiny of the youngest until afore mentioned mammal brought up Akira's name. Hmmn- a regular, eh? People did not spout that woman's name lightly- there were repercussions. He shifted casually behind the bar, watching the scene before him and taking in the sounds with a placid expression on his face. The flattery was bold- slightly obnoxious, but he figured typical of this character. His eyes narrowed slightly as the older boy nudged his face against the younger's hair- something about the act seemed to Provoke him, watching the mammal's eyes in a calculating, mildly excited sort of way. The potential of the situation incensed him.... enough to smooth out the electricity in the air with soft, rolling words of reply,

"Shes out- You'll have to take what you can get from me..." his hand shifted atop the counter, more or less looming over the two boy with his casual stare. Time to cut the crap, "--and you'll be happy to know I don't roll over quite so easy as the woman. What're you in for, mammal."

It wasnt really a question- He had an inkling. Several, in fact. Volk wasn't ready to waste words on two strangers- interesting though they were... but his gaze lingered occasionally on the spunky-looking youngster. Mildly captivating- might have just been the bright colours. or the age. He had to admit he had a thing for the younger ones... and if nothing else, the boy had the benefit of being a familiar, if even slightly..... He attention shifted fully to the breathy, dance-weary figure, demeanor shifting into something slightly more ....focused? Pleasant, perhaps? ...sociable. That might be the word,

" And what're you in for..after that pack of yours again? Or..... maybe just a pleasure run."
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Just how I like my kisses; long and sloppy - Julian 03

“Well Julian, you better keep your word ‘cause as you can see, I’m not going anywhere.” Had his ears deceived him or had he heard that right. Even though he knew he hadn’t misheard anything; his ears were in perfect working condition despite the loud pounding music, he couldn’t help but be a bit skeptical. He was about to inform the boy that if he didn’t run now he’d most likely be unable to walk in the morning when he turned around and Julian found out that the other wanted it as much as he did. He bit his lip to keep from groaning as the half expertly ground their erections together.

A feral grin spread over his face like wild-fire. He was right about this incredible smelling half – he could handle anything he threw at him. Julian decided to stop thinking with his head, if the boy wanted to run, he’d have done it already and considering the hot hardness he could feel searing through his jean shorts the other wasn’t going to stop yet.

Julian looked down at the half in his arms and watched with amusement as a grin very much like his own grew on the boys face. “Unless you know of somewhere more…fun, where we could go…?” He licked his lips. This boy had to be his walking wet dream and did he ever want to rip all their clothes off and fuck him hard against the wall. That however wasn’t the greatest of ideas since he frequented Automatix enough that he’d regret getting banned and would mourn the loss of his favorite dance scene. He decided that a trip to the lounge would be a better idea; his apartment was a mess and it was against his policy to bring someone home for the first fuck. The boy’s next words pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Oh, and the name’s Noah! But I promise you, that later? You’ll be having trouble remembering your own name.” Julian felt a growl crawl it’s way up his throat. He thanked every god and higher being that he could think of that he’d chosen to follow his nose tonight. He slid a hand around Noah’s neck and crushed their mouths together. His mouth opened up under his and Julian plunged his tongue into the wet cavern. Noah tasted as good as he smelled. Their tongues tangled together and Julian was enveloped in the seductive scent that wafted from the lithe half in his arms. He slid impatient hands down the boy’s back to grip his ass and pull him closer. It had been too long since he’d last held someone like this.

Julian pulled his mouth away and nipped at Noah’s lower lip. “Oh I might know somewhere fun we can go...” He paused to lick his lips. “And they happen to supply us with treats if we know how to work the dealer right.” Tonight was Akira’s shift in the Lounge and he knew that she’d been talking about getting a shipment of the new variation of fire candy that he wanted to try. A drug that increased sexual pleasure was worth trying, no matter how high the risk. He leaned down and licked at Noah’s earlobe, he’d noticed earlier how much he’d reacted to it and he liked watching the boy squirm. “Follow me.”

He slipped a hand around Noah’s waist and began leading the other in a grinding, twisting dance towards the door by the back wall of the club. The gyrating bodies around them forced the two closer together and Julian felt the boy arch against his thigh. He growled again and gripped the boy’s hips hard enough to bruise. He could definitely get used to having this delicious amphibian around for a good dance. But right now Julian’s train of thought was centered more on fucking Noah in as many positions as possible before the sun came up rather than dancing; even if what they were doing could be considered dancing. If the looks they were getting were anything to go by, he suspected that they had reached a whole new level of obscene. Julian grinned; they had reached the door and he spun Noah around and pinned him to it before kissing him breathless again. He liked the feel of Noah against him and having his tongue in his mouth was an added bonus. He let go of the boy’s wrists and reached for the doorknob. They tumbled inside and after one last nibble on the others lower lip he pulled away to close the door behind them. He felt his ears adjust to the new found quite. He slid one of his hands down Noah’s arm and laced their fingers together.

They made their way quickly down the stairs to the Automatix lounge. Julian opened the door and after scanning the area was surprised to find that his favorite woman was nowhere in sight. He was puzzled, tonight was usually Akira’s shift to monitor the lounge and dish out the drugs. Although his train of thought came to a stumbling halt when he spotted the half standing behind the counter. The grip he had on Noah’s hand tightened and his eyes widened a fraction. There was a sex-god standing where Akira should have been and he felt all his nerves stand on end when his eye’s met the piercing blue ones staring into him from under the mountain of dreads and dark skin. Julian gulped. If he’d never seen a predator in his life he was seeing one now; he took a deep breath through his nose and oh god. If he’d thought Noah smelt good then this half smelt just as good. A canine. And Julian was willing to bet his favorite pair of skates that this one was a half or quarter wolf.

He felt a sexy smirk work its way onto his face. This was a new development; he hadn’t expected to actually have to work for any of the drugs he wanted. He watched as blue-eyes glanced at Noah as if seizing him up and then his gaze slid back to him. Looks like it was show time. Julian gave Noah’s hand a gentle tug and sauntered his way over to the counter; he added an extra swing to his hips just for show. Now he just hoped that the stunning half about to sell him drugs was sexually inclined.

Julian leaned over the counter, while running his thumb over Noah’s. His eyes met the dealer’s directly; he wasn’t about to show the other how anxious he was – so he showed more of his teeth instead. “Hey there.” He was a bit shocked at how breathy his voice sounded, he’d have to fix that later; he shouldn’t have been this affected by just kissing. He blamed it on not having sex regularly. “I haven’t seen you around before. Where’s Akira? It should be her shift tonight.” He let his eye’s slide down the toned upper body that wasn’t hidden by the counter. “Not that I’m complaining though. You’re much easier on the eyes.” He leered and pulled Noah against him; nuzzling his face into his hair. His eye’s never left the blue ones now sizing him up. It was the dealers move.

Fire Dance - Julian 02

Julian couldn’t believe his luck as he slid his hands down to the boys hips and pulled him back harder against him. The incredible smelling half hadn’t run away yet, when any normal person would have, and he breathed in his sent greedily. The other was half an amphibian of some sort, he decided, but he couldn’t distinguish what kind. Not that it really mattered – if things kept going his way, after a few more songs they’d head down to the lounge and steal a room for the night. He hadn’t fucked anything more interesting than his own hand for what seemed like forever and he had a feeling that the night wouldn’t end quickly.

They fit together incredibly well and the boy matched his moves and pace better than he expected. It wasn’t often that he found someone he actually enjoyed dancing with. Most of the time he humored whatever man or half he found attractive in some way simply because dancing usually lead to sex, and he liked having sex with most of his previous partners more than he liked dancing with them. If this boy was as good in bed as he was on the dance floor Julian figured he was in for a wild night. He licked his lips in anticipation.

He was startled out of his thoughts by a rogue hand sliding up his thigh. Julian bit back a groan and suppressed the shiver he felt building. He made a mental note to follow his nose more often if it kept leading him to fearless, half amphibians with clever fingers. The hand had disappeared from his skin and he knew what it had encountered; he hoped that his handcuffs wouldn’t scare the other off. He’d been lucky so far but he didn’t know how far that luck would go. The light tug on his cuffs startled him as did the boy turning to look back at him; his faced flushed and his breath panting.

“Hey, are these just for show or are you planning to use them?” There was a slight tremor in the others voice but those yellow eyes gazing into his didn’t waver... at all. Julian felt a feral grin spread across his face; someone somewhere had broken the mold when they had made this one. He saw those eye’s widen just a fraction before he nuzzled his way down to the boy’s pointed ear and nibbled.

“Did you want to stick around and find out?” He knew his voice sounded more like a growl than anything else and he wasn’t surprised to feel a shiver run through the half in his arms. He smirked against the soft earlobe, and began to kiss, lick and bite his way down the slender neck tilted at just the right angle while he slid his hands up and under the boys t-shirt to stroke his taught stomach. Julian rocked against the other’s sexy ass for emphasis; pressing his hard-on tight to him, making his point perfectly clear. He licked a long hot trail up to the boy’s ear and nibbled again. “My name’s Julian, by the way. If you do stay you’ll be screaming it later; I guaranty it.” Check. It was the boy’s move now, and Julian desperately hoped he wouldn’t be scared off. He couldn’t change his nature and his little amphibian looked like he might be able to handle anything he dished out.

Fire Dance - Julian 01

The music throbbed through Automatix like a heart beat. The club was packed to the brim with people just the way Julian liked it. He quickly lost himself in the music and took pleasure in the gyrating bodies surrounding him; the heat and the pressure were almost as good as fire candy. He made a mental note to go visit Akira in the lower level later and see if he could swindle her out of some of her stash. He arched his back and dragged his hands up to tangle in his short violet hair. A grin spread across his features as he saw several pairs of eyes swerve and stop in his direction; he added an extra wiggle to his hips and traced his hands down to his pierced navel. The tight black crop top he wore tended to make others take notice of his toned stomach, and he most definitely wanted them to take notice. It had been a while since Julian had gotten a proper fuck in, and the best way to find candidates was to dance and see who wasn’t afraid to approach him. He knew how he looked and didn’t mind when most people backed off when he grinned at them; the look too feral for any sane person. He supposed it didn’t help that he had a pair of handcuffs hanging off the belt holding his cut-off jean shorts to his hips.

He mentally shrugged and continued to move fluidly with the crowd surrounding him. In the dim light of the club he could see some people nodding off in the corner booths. It was at times like these that Julian was thankful he was half lemur, he tended to sleep most of the day away and fully wake up at night, so clubbing or skating with his gang until daybreak was how he spent most of his time. He twisted around with a slow roll of his hips and suddenly the scent of a half caught his attention. He breathed deep and it filled his senses. It wasn’t unusual to encounter one of his own kind in Automatix - half’s dominated the dancing scene here - but it was unusual to encounter one that smelled this good. He slowly scanned the crowd and spotted the half he was looking for, slowly gyrating in a darkened corner. He grinned when he saw the boy shiver and look across the floor, through the throng of people, to meet his eyes. Those eyes widened when he slowly began to twist and arch his way over to his corner.