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Fire Dance - Julian 02

  • Jul. 5th, 2007 at 2:47 AM
Julian couldn’t believe his luck as he slid his hands down to the boys hips and pulled him back harder against him. The incredible smelling half hadn’t run away yet, when any normal person would have, and he breathed in his sent greedily. The other was half an amphibian of some sort, he decided, but he couldn’t distinguish what kind. Not that it really mattered – if things kept going his way, after a few more songs they’d head down to the lounge and steal a room for the night. He hadn’t fucked anything more interesting than his own hand for what seemed like forever and he had a feeling that the night wouldn’t end quickly.

They fit together incredibly well and the boy matched his moves and pace better than he expected. It wasn’t often that he found someone he actually enjoyed dancing with. Most of the time he humored whatever man or half he found attractive in some way simply because dancing usually lead to sex, and he liked having sex with most of his previous partners more than he liked dancing with them. If this boy was as good in bed as he was on the dance floor Julian figured he was in for a wild night. He licked his lips in anticipation.

He was startled out of his thoughts by a rogue hand sliding up his thigh. Julian bit back a groan and suppressed the shiver he felt building. He made a mental note to follow his nose more often if it kept leading him to fearless, half amphibians with clever fingers. The hand had disappeared from his skin and he knew what it had encountered; he hoped that his handcuffs wouldn’t scare the other off. He’d been lucky so far but he didn’t know how far that luck would go. The light tug on his cuffs startled him as did the boy turning to look back at him; his faced flushed and his breath panting.

“Hey, are these just for show or are you planning to use them?” There was a slight tremor in the others voice but those yellow eyes gazing into his didn’t waver... at all. Julian felt a feral grin spread across his face; someone somewhere had broken the mold when they had made this one. He saw those eye’s widen just a fraction before he nuzzled his way down to the boy’s pointed ear and nibbled.

“Did you want to stick around and find out?” He knew his voice sounded more like a growl than anything else and he wasn’t surprised to feel a shiver run through the half in his arms. He smirked against the soft earlobe, and began to kiss, lick and bite his way down the slender neck tilted at just the right angle while he slid his hands up and under the boys t-shirt to stroke his taught stomach. Julian rocked against the other’s sexy ass for emphasis; pressing his hard-on tight to him, making his point perfectly clear. He licked a long hot trail up to the boy’s ear and nibbled again. “My name’s Julian, by the way. If you do stay you’ll be screaming it later; I guaranty it.” Check. It was the boy’s move now, and Julian desperately hoped he wouldn’t be scared off. He couldn’t change his nature and his little amphibian looked like he might be able to handle anything he dished out.


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