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Julian couldn’t help but let out a deep rumbling growl as he felt Noah grind his ass back against his aching cock. His eyes still locked on piercing blue - he let a smirk slide onto his face. So Mr. Wolf thought he was playing the safe game, well that was interesting. Julian made a mental note to prove him wrong later in the evening, and licked his lips. Things were going a lot smoother than he expected them to and he couldn’t wait to feel naked skin against skin.

His smirk turned into a lazy smile when he heard Noah’s positive reply and watched as the dealer behind the counter placed two small vials on the table top. Looks like Akira wasn’t pulling his chain when she’d said she got a shipment in. Julian nuzzled his cheek into Noah’s sweet smelling hair and grinned.

"I’m game... although I’ve never been too good with rules." Julian winked for the dealers benefit and let one of his hands trail down Noah’s tight stomach to slip under the waistband of his jeans. He wondered if his teasing would have any apparent effect on the older half. While he could read Noah like an open book and know immediately what he liked and wanted he couldn’t say the same about the blue-eyed sex god. He was much harder to read and his hot musky sent was overpowering – combined with Noah’s salty-sweet smell, Julian’s brain was about to short circuit.

Julian felt a smirk play across his lips. "D’you got a name to go with those blue eyes of yours, Mr. Wolf?" He was dying to know the name of this new dealer, and silently wondered as he cupped Noah’s hard length through his underwear, if the sex-gods name was as sexy as his body. He leaned forward, crushing Noah against the counter, his eyes twinkling mischievously into a pair of blue ones.


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